T U A R I is a multidisciplinary art & design studio specialised in creating unique visual imagery and concepts.  Our work spans across a wide range of disciplines consisting of photography, video, sculpture, graphic design, product design and spatial design.

A I M I N G  T O  B R I N G  T H E  O U T S I D E  I N , nature plays a large role in most of our work. We capture the colours, shapes, textures and light that exist around us and use these elements to create multi-layered abstract imagery that often functions as the foundation of all our projects. We continuously explore new mediums, materials and techniques, letting one project lead to another in a continuous flow of ideas, resulting in works that lay on the border between art and design.
T H E  S T U D I O was founded in 2012 by mother-daughter creative duo Yolande Alberdingk Thijm & Eliane Willeumier. Having worked separately in various creative fields, they decided to join forces and merge their artistic skills and views to create new work together. 

B E S P O K E  D E S I G N 
We strongly believe that a space works best when all elements in a space work together, meaning a connection between architecture - interior - art and people. Therefore we provide the possibility to customise existing work, in order to make it fit perfectly in an environment or to meet specific requirements. We also work in commission to create new work and concepts.
If you are looking for a specific artwork for your home or company, or are in need of visual imagery for a certain project please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

You can reach us at studio@tuaristudio.com or through the contact form​​​​​​​