T U A R I is a multidisciplinary art & design studio specialised in creating unique visual imagery and concepts. Aiming to bring the outside in, nature plays a large role in most of our work. We capture the colours, shapes, textures and light that exist around us and use these elements to create multi-layered abstract imagery that often functions as the foundation of all our projects. The studio is run by mother-daughter creative duo Yolande Alberdingk Thijm and Eliane Willeumier, merging their artistic skills to create new work together and make you look again. 
​​​​​​​Keeping the landscape borderless and the horizon limitless, our work spans across a wide range of disciplines including photography, video, graphic design, product design and spatial design. We continue to  explore new mediums, materials and techniques resulting in works that lay on the border between art and design. 
C U S T O M  &  S I T E - S P E C I F I C .
​​​​​​​Our work can be customised or made site-specific to fit any space, object, purpose or event. We also work in commission for private and commercial clients. Click below for more information about our Bespoke Design services or contact us if you already have something in mind.