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The main installation of the exhibition was the Time Capsule tunnel showing KLM’s monumental events that took place during a century of KLM, including the fascinating story of KLM’s first intercontinental flight from Amsterdam to Indonesia in 1924. Upon entering the tunnel, a soundscape recreates the experience of boarding a plane and taking off and continues all the way to the other end of the tunnel where your journey ends and the airplane lands in Jakarta.
KLM soundscape - take off (fragment)

KLM soundscape - landing (fragment)

Walking through the tunnel, visitors can view historic footage of KLM in the airplane windows. On the left side of the tunnel, an illuminated line takes you past all the stops of the first intercontinental flight to Indonesia with interesting background stories.
Once outside again visitors can take a look at the different aircrafts of KLM's fleet since 1919.
Five large displays show KLM's focus on sustainability and innovation.
KLM's Delft Blue Miniature Houses collection: the houses represent some of the traditional Dutch houses which can be found along the canals in Amsterdam and other historic towns in the Netherlands. Pictured below Initial sketch of the exhibition layout design.
Production company | Kingsmen Indonesia
                          Venue | Erasmus Huis Jakarta


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